In-class & Online Czech Language Courses for Foreigners in Brno & Prague

Please read terms and conditions prior to booking and payment at Czech Courses language school carefully.

1. The Czech Courses language school offers courses of all levels in group, individual, in-company or online courses. Students book their spots in courses online or in person in the Czech Courses office.

2. Students can take part in a Free Trial Lesson in any of our running courses. No Free Trial Lesson is possible at the start of a new course.

3. All fees are payable in full prior to the start of the course in cash, by card or by bank transfer. The course must be paid in full within 3 working days from the booking and before the commencement of the course at the latest.

4. If the payment for a booked spot is not made within 3 working days from the booking or before the commencement of the course, the place might be offered to another student. The school has no obligation to inform the student of such a cancellation.

5. Fees are not transferable and cannot be used as credit for upcoming courses.

6. You may cancel your enrolment at any time prior to the commencement of your course. The following cancellation fees will apply:
- 28 days or more before course commencement: 10 % of the total fees
- between 15 and 27 days before commencement: 25 % of the total fees
- between 2 and 14 days before commencement: 50 % of the total fees
- 1 day before course commencement: 90 % of the total fee
- thereafter, 100 % of the total fees are required

If you should cancel/withdraw after the commencement of your course, no refund will be made.

7. The minimum number of participants is 4. Under the rare circumstances the school is unable to create a group course due to insufficient number of students at the same level and therefore cancel the course, all fees paid for Czech Courses services will be refunded.

8. Any group lesson cancelled by a student (with a 24 hour written notice) can be made up for in the prepaid course period with another group of the same or similar level. The course cannot be prolonged by the classes missed.

9. Individual lessons cancelled with less than 24-hour written notice cannot be substituted and are considered passed.
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