In-class & Online Czech Language Courses for Foreigners in Brno & Prague

⚠️ Covid UPDATE, December 31: Dear students, due to the government regulations, all our courses run online now. Please get in touch online for more information on the upcoming courses. Thank you for your support!

Join the 2-week super intensive ONLINE Czech course for just 4.900 CZK!

The intensive 2, 4, 6 or 8-week Czech course is aimed at those who need quickly and effectively understand and speak Czech, deepen their advanced knowledge, as well as gain an insight into the Czech culture and traditions.

CZECH Courses 

"The course was an excellent combination of grammar and practical language application to daily life."

Orrie M.

"I’ve taken 10 courses across 3 languages in my life and this was easily one of the best, both in classroom environment and quality of learning."
"Really liked the flexibility and the structure of the classes. It was fun and interactive and most importantly I learned more Czech in 2 weeks than in 5 years on my own! :) !"
"If you are looking for flexible, fun and engaging learning experience, then I would recommend this institute. Czech is already hard. Don't make it harder going else where :-)"
Karolína, Czech Courses Brno manager and head tutor
Karolína, Czech Courses Brno manager and head tutor
Czech Courses, s. r. o. language school
Czech Courses, s. r. o. is a private language school offering Czech in-class & online language courses for foreigners in Brno and Prague.
For more information on Czech language courses in Brno, please contact us by phone on (+420) 734 151 969  (Monday - Friday, 9.00 - 17.00) or by email at


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Due to the Covid-19 government restrictions, our office is temporarily closed.

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