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At the doctor's / U lékaře - 5-minute Czech Intermediate

Nachlazení (common cold), bolest zubů (toothache), zlomená ruka (broken arm)... It may happen that you need to visit a doctor while in Czech. In our new intermediate 5-minute Czech worksheet, we'll look at some phrases that may come in handy in such situation.

5-minute Czech - Intermediate

When you have some trouble with your health, you need to pay doctor a visit. Let’s practise some Czech while doing it!

Firstly, let’s revise some vocabulary!

Do you know how to ask about location of the nearest hospital or if there is an English / German / Russian speaking doctor?

„Kde je nejbližší nemocnice?“ (Where is the nearest hospital?)

„Je tady lékař, který mluví anglicky?“ (Is there an English speaking doctor?)

At doctor’s you will be asked what kind of issues you have:

Doktor: „Jaké máte potíže / problémy?“ (What’s the trouble / your problem?)

You can describe your problem:„Bolí mě…“ + part of body in nominative 

     „Bolí mě hlava.“ (I have a headache.)

     „Bolí mě břicho.“ (I have a stomach ache.)

„Mám…“ + illness/disease/symptom in accusative

    „Mám teplotu / horečku.“ (I have a temperature / fever.)

    „Mám rýmu / kašel.“ (I have a cold / caught.)

    „Mám zácpu / průjem.“ (I have diarrhoea / constipation.)

Doctor may want to take your blood pressure / temperature / pulse:

Doktor: „Změřím vám krevní tlak / teplotu / puls.“

Then doctor decides about your treatment.


    „Budete potřebovat léky.“ (You will need some medicine.)

    „Dám vám předpis.“ (I will write you a prescription.)

    „Budete brát léky nalačno / po jídle.“ (Take your medicine on an empty stomach / after a meal.)

    „Dám vám neschopenku.“ (I will give you a sick note.)

That’s it! Now you know how to speak with your doctor in Czech! If you want to learn other useful phrases, wait for our next intermediate 5-minute Czech worksheet!

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