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In a restaurant / V restauraci - 5-minute Czech Beginner

Today we'll have a look at some basic phrases to use in a restaurant. You'll learn how to order, ask for a check and leave a tip, and some grammar, too! 

5-minute Czech - Beginner

When you arrive to a restaurant, the waiter will bring you „jídelní lístek“ (food menu) and ask: 

Co si dáte k jídlu / k pití? 

Co si přejete k jídlu / k pití?                What would you like to eat / to drink? 

You can respond: 

Dám si řízek.                                            I'll have a schnitzel. 

Chtěl bych polévku.                               I’d like a soup. 

Pivo, prosím.                                            A beer, please. 

„Polévku“ has a different suffix than a standard form „polévka“. After verbs like „dám si“, you need to use accusative form, which is used to mark a direct object. The form is identical to nominative for masculine inanimate and neuter, but there is a change in masculine animate and feminine nouns.

masculine animate                                   +A                        lososa, kapr

masculine inanimate                                                            guláš, řízek, čaj 

feminine                                                       A->U, E->I         polévku, kávu, rýži 

neuter                                                                                      maso, pivo, kuře 

When you are finished with your meal, the waiter will come and ask: 

Dáte si ještě něco?                                  Would you like anything else? 

You can respond: 

To je všechno, děkuji.                            That’s all, thank you. 

Zaplatím. / Účet, prosím.                      I will pay. / A check, please. 

The waiter will probably ask the two following questions: 

Zvlášť, nebo dohromady?                    Separately or together? 

Hotově, nebo kartou?                           Cash or card? 

In Czech people usually leave around 10% tip („spropitné“), though you certainly don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. 

Guest: „Zaplatím.“ 

Waiter: „135 korun.“ 

Guest (handing any amount, such as 200 crown bill): „150, děkuju.“

Guest: „Zaplatím.“ 

Waiter: „135 korun.“ 

Guest (handing 150 Kč -> price+tip, not expecting a change): „Děkuju.“


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