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Magická slova / Magic words - 5-minute Czech Beginner

In every language there are a few words that you definitely need to know since you use them many times every day when you speak. Today in our new beginner 5-minute Czech worksheet, we'll have a look at these important words and we'll learn how to use them correctly. 

5-minute Czech - Beginner

Today we will look at some magic Czech words. With these words, you can shine every time you speak Czech! 


If you want to thank someone, use this word. Between „děkuju“ and „děkuji“ there is no difference in meaning, only „děkuji” is slightly more formal – we use it when we write official documents, apply for a job etc. 


Maybe the most magic and most useful Czech word is „prosím“. Use it: 

         - as a reaction to “děkuju”

                                        „Děkuju.“                    Thanks. 

                                        „Prosím.“                    You are welcome. 

         - when you don’t hear / understand something someone has told you and you want something to be repeated/explained: 

                                        „Jsem Jan Novák a jsem doktor.“          I am Jan Novák and I am a doctor.   

                                        „Prosím?“                                                     Excuse me? 

                                        „Jsem Jan Novák a jsem doktor.“          I am Jan Novák and I am a doctor. 

         - when you do something polite for someone, e. g. open the door for a lady or let someone do something first: 

                                         Muž: Prosím.                 Man: After you. 

                                         Žena: Děkuju.                Woman: Thank you. 

          - when you want to address someone you don’t know, e. g. on the street: 

                                       „Prosím vás, kde je nádraží?“                 Excuse me, where is the station? 

Last, but not least, you can hear „prosím“ in a restaurant when the waiter gives you your drinks and food: 

Číšník: Prosím.             Waiter: Here you are

Host: Děkuju.               Guest: Thanks. 


„Není zač“ means "You are welcome“. This phrase is used as a reaction to „Děkuju”. When translated literally, it means “There is nothing to thank me for”, but don't be afraid. By using this phrase, you do not indicate anything like this. 

Now you know how to use three magic Czech words: „děkuju“, „prosím“ and „není zač“. Don't forget to practise them and come back for other 5-minute Czech!   

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