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Na nádraží / At the train station - 5-minute Czech Intermediate

Summer is getting closer and you are maybe planning to explore our country. Since trains are an affordable and comfortable way of travelling around the Czech Republic, in today's intermediate 5-minute Czech, you'll learn how to buy the right train ticket to your next adventure!

5-minute Czech - Intermediate

There are several ways we call a ticket: 

 - jízdní doklad – a formal way of calling either a ticket, or any document that allows you to use a transport, 

 - jízdenka – a transport ticket, 

 - lístek (lit: a piece of paper) – a general colloquial term for any ticket (lístek na koncert). 

To buy a ticket, you need to find a ticket counter, and sometimes choose between „vnitrostátní jízdenky“ (domestic) and „mezinárodní jízdenky“ (international). Then you ask: 

 „Prosím, jeden (dva / tři …) krát do /destinace/.“

One (two, three...) ticket to /your destination/, please. 

You need to specify whether you want „jednosměrná“ or „zpáteční“ single or return ticket. Unless you ask for „první třída“ (1st class), your ticket will be to „druhá třída“ (2nd class). You may also want a „místenka“ (seat reservation), or prefer a „tichý oddíl“ (quiet zone) or „oddíl pro rodiny s dětmi“ (family zone). 

To express a preference regarding the seat type, you can ask for a seat „po směru jízdy“ (forward facing) or „proti směru jízdy“ (backward facing). Maybe you also prefer a „sedadlo u okna“ (window seat) or „sedadlo v uličce“ (aisle seat). 

 If you have a „průkaz na slevu“, you qualify for „zlevněná jízdenka“ (discount ticket). In that case, you need to say: 

„Jsem student. Mám průkaz ISIC.“                        I’m a student, I have an ISIC card. 

„Jsem důchodce.“                                                      I am retired. 

 If there are more of you travelling, you can also get a „skupinová sleva“ (group discount). 

 Other words that can be useful when buying a ticket are: „zavazadlo“ (baggage), „pes“ (dog), „kolo“ (bicycle) a „kočárek“ (stroller). 

 Tak šťastnou cestu! 

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