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Volný čas / Leisure time - 5-minute Czech Intermediate

Spring is here and nice weather motivates us to pursue our outdoor hobbies. In today's intermediate worksheet you will learn different ways of introducing your favorite leisure-time activities

5-minute Czech - Intermediate 

Talking about hobbies and interests can help you to get to know someone. Sharing details about your hobbies and discovering interests of others can be inspirational and fun! If you want to talk about your hobbies and spare time in Czech, this 5-minute Czech is for you! 

When you want to ask about someone’s hobbies, you can use these questions:

„Co rád děláš ve svém volném čase?“          What do you like to do in your free/spare time? 

„Jaké jsou tvé koníčky?“          What sort of hobbies do you have? 

When you are the one who is asked, you can say various things: 

Rád/ráda + conjugated verb

„Ráda jezdím na kole.“          I like cycling. 

„Ve svém volném čase rád čtu.“          In my leisure time, I like to read. 

Mám rád + noun in accusative 

„Mám rád seriály a fantasy knihy.“          I like TV series and fantasy books. 

Zajímám se o + noun in accusative 

„Zajímám se o historii a fotografování.“          I am interested in history and photographing. 

Být blázen do + noun in genitive 

„Jsem blázen do pečení.“          I am keen on baking. 

„Jsem blázen do deskových her / deskovek.“          I am keen on board games. 

On the other hand, when you are not into something, you can say the phrase „to není můj šálek kávy“

„Sport? To není můj šálek kávy.“          Sport? It's not my cup of tea. 

 Do you want to learn more Czech phrases? Wait for our next 5-minute Czech worksheet!  

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