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Problémy v restauraci / Restaurant problems - 5-minute Czech Intermediate

We hope you have only good experiences when you go „restaurace” or „hospoda” in Czech. Still, in case you have any troubles with your meal, this worksheet will teach you what to say in such situation.

5-minute Czech – Intermediate 

You probably already know basic vocabulary to use in the restaurant – you know that when you say „Dám si... “, the following word or phrase is in accusative form: 

Dám si grilovaného pstruha.                                Dám si gulášovou polévku. 

Dám si zeleninový salát.                                        Dám si černé pivo. 

You also know that you choose if you are paying „dohromady nebo zvlášť“ and also whether you are paying „kartou nebo hotově“

Today we'll look at some more advanced vocabulary that you can use in case you are not happy with your meal: 

Promiňte, ale ... 

Prosím vás, ... 

Omlouvám se, ale (myslím, že) ... 

- each of these three is a good way to politely get waiter's attention. Then you can state what the issue is: 

... tohle jsem si neobjednal/a (I did not order this). 

... ten salát není čerstvý (not fresh). 

... ta polévka je přesolená (oversalted) / studená (cold). 

... ta rýže je rozvařená (overcooked). 

... to maso je zkažené (spoiled) / připálené (burned) / syrové (raw). 

 After that, you can ask the waiter: 

Můžete to odnést? (Can you send it back?) 

Můžete mi přinést něco jiného? (Can I get something else?)

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