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Introducing to others / Představujeme se - 5-minute Czech Beginner

In our today's beginner 5-minute Czech worksheet you'll learn how to introduce yourselves in Czech. 

5-minute Czech - Beginner 

Let’s introduce ourselves in Czech today! 

Firstly, let’s greet people we want to meet. Which version of Czech should we use: formal or informal? You’re right! We use formal Czech when we have a job interview or apply for a passport at a passport office. On the other hand, we use informal Czech in a group of friends etc. 

Formal: „Dobrý den.“ (Hello.)

Informal: „Ahoj.“ (Hello.) 

Now we can introduce ourselves by following phrase: 

 „Já jsem Jan Novák.“ (I am + your name.

To indicate that the meeting was positive and it was a pleasure to meet someone new, we say: 

„Těší mě.“ (Nice to meet you.

You can notice that last names of many women from Czech look exactly like men’s last names but have additional ending „-ová“ (Jana Nováková). This may be your first time you meet genders in Czech, but it is not the last time! Czech language is very gender specific. 

Let’s see an example: When meeting someone new, you probably want to share other information about yourself. You may want to speak about what do you do for living. You can use the same structure as for sharing your name: 

„Já jsem…“ (I am + name of your profession for your gender.

                             M                     F

manager         manažer    manažerka 

doctor                lékař           lékařka 


Let’s revise what we have learnt today! 

Formal introduction: „Dobrý den. Já jsem Jan Novák. Jsem lékař. Těší mě.“ 

Informal introduction: „Ahoj. Já jsem Jana. Jsem manažerka. Těší mě.“ 

Are you curious to learn more Czech? Wait for our next beginner 5-minute Czech worksheet! 

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