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Jaký máš e-mail? / What's your e-mail address? - 5-minute Czech Beginner

When you want to stay in touch with someone you have met, you need to get his/her telephone number or e-mail („e-mail“ or „e-mailová adresa“). In this beginner 5-minute Czech, we will learn how to ask for someone’s e-mail address and how to give yours.

5-minute Czech - Beginner

Last time we have learnt how to introduce ourselves:

Formal: „Dobrý den. Já jsem Jan Novák. Těší mě.“ Hello, I am Jan Novák. Nice to meet you.

Informal: „Ahoj. Já jsem Jan. Těší mě.“ Hi, I am Jan. Nice to meet you.

When you want to ask for someone's email, you can start with this question:

Formal: „Jaký máte e-mail?“ What is your e-mail address?

Informal: „Jaký máš e-mail?“ What is your e-mail address?

This question can be answered by this sentence:

Formal, informal: „Mám e-mail…“ (I have e-mail...) + your e-mail address

Wait a minute, how to read special characters in your e-mail address? This could help you:

@ „zavináč“

- „spojovník“, „pomlčka“ (Although the correct name for this character is „spojovník“, we often use „pomlčka“, which is the name of the similar character „–“.)

_ „podtržítko“

. „tečka“

You can read the domain (e. g. cz for Czech republic) as a set of characters („cz“ as [cé zet] or „it“ as [í té]) or as one piece (com as [kom]).

Let’s try to give someone our e-mail:

„Mám e-mail brno zavináč czech courses tečka cé zet.“I have e-mail address

That sound perfect! You did not catch it? When you don’t understand something in Czech, you can say one of these phrases and you will get to hear the answer again:

„Prosím?“ Excuse me?

„Ještě jednou, prosím.“ Once again, please.

You can hear „Cože?“ (What?!) as well, but this is not considered very polite, so it is always better to go for „Prosím?“ (Excuse me?).

What have we learnt today? Let's see the formal dialogue again:

You: „Jaký máte e-mail?“ What is your e-mail address?

Czech Courses manager: „Mám e-mail“ My e-mail address is

You: „Prosím?“ Excuse me?

Czech Courses manager: „“ 

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