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Radka studied Czech language and Music at Masaryk university in Brno. She is hardworking and studious,  always looks for ways to continually improve. She believes support and encouragement are key to developing passion for knowledge and study in students. Radka is a passionate musician, reader and teacher. She really enjoys traveling, hiking and sharing her love of Czech language and culture with others.
Karolína earned her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and Japanese Studies in Brno and now she is pursuing a master's program in the former. She loves travelling, trying out foreign cuisines and then recreating the recipes at home. Nevertheless, she always enjoys going back home to South Moravia – she has a close relationship to the folklore of the region, because she used to work as a guide in an open-air museum. She prefers teaching over being a guide because she enjoys the interaction with students, and she likes to use a lot of pictures, flashcards, and games in her classes. After gaining experience in Czech Courses Prague, she is now excited to bring the school to her beloved city of Brno!
Tereza is from Brno. She has worked for 5 years as a teacher of Czech for foreigners. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Masaryk University in Pedagogy and Macedonian Language and Literature, and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education. Why does she love teaching? She says that her students make her richer in multicultural differences and she loves the "transfer" of knowledge about her language. During her lessons, you will hear laughter. In her free time, you can find her reading, traveling or going on adventures with her two dogs.
Šárka and the Czech language, it has always been a strong combination. Czech language is the biggest personal interest, great passion and a stunning system for Šárka. She enjoys studying its structure, history, development and all forms. She likes playing on words, reading and writing. Finally, she loves observing ways people use the language and she loves helping others to acquire Czech.Šárka came to Brno, the adorable city of many beauties and cultural enjoyment, from her born town Prague to study Czech Language (with Orientation on Computational Linguistics) at Masaryk university. Besides Czech language and Brno, she is into discovering interesting facts and connection in various fields of study, running, going to the theatre and taking up new activities.
Tereza has many passions, first is Czech language and literature (not just Czech); she loves to discover secrets of language and introduce them to others. Her second passion is interacting with people – of all nations, cultures or ages. Teaching Czech is a perfect combination of these two passions – she can share her language with all its secrets and uncover different cultures at the same time. Because though there are differences, we all have something in common – and it is laughter. With laughter we can learn the most.
Anna loves Czech language and she is especially fascinated by various dialects. She also enjoys discovering interesting language facts and as a student of Czech language she encounters them almost every day.Teaching Czech is an exciting challenge for Anna. She knows it is a challenge for our students as well, so she always tries to keep the classes positive and motivate her students to believe they’ll overcome the study obstacles. Teaching Czech also allows her to better understand how our language works, which is something she has always been wondering about.Anna enjoys trying new things and stepping out of her comfort zone. In her free time, she does yoga and is interested in self-development. Anna loves to smile and to appreciate everyday joys.
Klára has studied Czech language and literature and Music at Masaryk University. She always looks forward to showing her students the beauty and mysterious side of Czech language. She is trying to find new things to learn through her favorite activities. Because of her love for the folklore and tradition that have always surrounded her, she decided to develop her skills through music and learned to play a folklore instrument. Music is not the only thing she is interested in. You can find her talking with interest about literature, theatre, musicals or work dedicated to kids and young people. 
Zuzana majored in Czech Language with Orientation on Computational Linguistics at Masaryk University. She has a lot of energy, so she likes to keep herself busy, either by climbing, hiking, longboarding or simply goofing around playing electric bass with friends. But she also loves the quiet and focused moments when she can take up a good book or create ideas for new Czech lessons, which she loves immensely. Her classes are always full of laughter as she tries to show her students the fun side of learning Czech.
Lenka has been always passionate about languages, travelling and different cultures. She has lived in many countries and has been pursuing her two master programmes at the Masaryk University and at the University of Glasgow. She speaks several languages and she has been teaching them as well. Therefore she has experience with learning foreign languages and knows the excitement and struggles of studying new language. She loves teaching not only the Czech language itself, but within the classes she is also enjoying to explain the Czech culture and Czech habits.
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Education in all its forms has always been Šárka‘s passion. She graduated from the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University in the program of Czech Language and English Language, and she also finished her Ph.D. studies in Music Education. Teaching the Czech language to foreigners, its something that Šárka considers to be quite valuable and meaningful. It brings her a lot of fun and experience, not only in a pedagogical aspect. Šárka loves traveling and mainly devotes her free time to various sports. She is happily married and has two lovely children.  
Radim co-founded Czech Courses in 2011. His focus is on school development and marketing. In previous years, Radim worked in the corporate world as an internal communications manager, a marketing specialist for Czech public broadcasters, and as an editor for an international news agency. Radim is a graduate of Charles University, where he studied Media and Journalism before spending almost two years in Britain. Besides his family, communication and Czech, his greatest passion is music, especially jazz, as he enjoys playing the trumpet with both modern big bands and little jazz combos.
Marie founded Czech Courses in 2011, and it has been her biggest passion ever since. She likes long walks in “her“ forest, practising yoga every day, starting new projects, and when her kitchen is clean and tidy. Currently, she is mainly focused on growing the school, and on opening new classrooms and a co-working space for the Czech Courses students. Marie studied journalism and film production at FAMU. Contact her if you have any questions regarding Czech classes - or just if you realise we’ve run out of your favourite tea :). 

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